Tech Matters Presents at AAQEP Symposium

AAQEP Symposium Feb 27 2020

February 27, 2020

Tech Matters attended the “SOLD OUT” AAQEP Quality Assurance Symposium held in Atlanta, GA, on February 27, 2020. AAQEP, the Accreditation for Advancing Quality in Education Preparation, is a relatively new national accreditation body with over 100 universities seeking or have obtained national accreditation for education preparation through the AAQEP Commission.

AAQEP Vision

AAQEP promotes excellent, effective, and innovative educator preparation that is committed to evidence-based improvement and enjoys a high degree of community engagement and public confidence.

AAQEP leverages credible evidence, technological advances, and innovations in quality assurance/accreditation to provide transparent, understandable reports on program quality and to foster innovation and improvement

Universities seeking accreditation follow the AAQEP Guide to Accreditation to self-assess, and tell their story and provide evidence of their candidate and completer competence to teach in the classroom and their program’s plans for improvement.

With our focus on innovative technology in education preparation, Tech Matters presented “simSchool and AAQEP” to spotlight simSchool’s strengths in collecting qualitative and quantitative data as evidence for satisfying AAQEP standards. If you were unable to attend, you may view the presentation below.


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