UTeach is an innovative university-based teacher preparation program working to increase the number of qualified science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers in U.S. secondary schools. The program combines rigorous STEM degrees with secondary teaching certification without adding time or cost to four-year degrees. – UTeach Institute

Tech Matters and UTeach

Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU – now Kennesaw State University) was one of three universities in the state of Georgia chosen to replicate the UTeach teacher preparation program. SPSU, unlike Columbus State and University of West Georgia, did not have an existing teacher education program. The challenge to start a teacher education preparation program during the UTeach replication was immense. Co-Directors Dr. Alan Gabrielli and Dr. George Stickel hired us to help with technology integration and assessment. Our roles expanded as the program progressed and included extended support, program outreach, and collaboration and coordination, and planning.


SPSUTeach Co-Director Dr. Alan Gabrielli writes:

“Robin and Marka (a.k.a. the technology twins) were brought into the SPSUTeach team during the implementation stage as part-time contractors to assist with technology integration, but rapidly contributed so much more.   They came to be important members of the team and were intimately involved in group planning sessions, as well as sitting on the steering committee and advisory council.  Other than myself, they were the only members to be involved the entire three years from implementation to consolidation with Kennesaw State University.

An unexpected bonus was their skills with planning and needs assessments.  Robin and Marka met regularly with our instructors to determine weak spots in the newly implemented UTeach curriculum, and worked to find ways to improve it.  They also worked closely with the program directors to implement assessment techniques, and to prepare reports for the various agencies we had to report to quarterly and annually.

Robin and Marka are effective instructors.  They sat in on many classes to determine the skills our students needed, then offered workshops and lab sessions to help our students integrate the appropriate technologies into their classroom teaching,  assisting with the creation of classroom videos, and helping students manage their LiveText portfolios.”

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