Tech Clubs

Although a proven concept, project-based experiential learning is difficult to provide within the constraints of a curriculum day.  Tech Matters believes that project based extracurricular activities are essential opportunities to expand student exposure and access to STEM topics and competencies.

Tech Clubs offer the opportunity for authentic learning at all grade levels without the constraints required in the standard school day. Tech Clubs complement the standard school day by providing the opportunity for students to learn at their own pace and time for trial and error.   Some get to an AHA moment immediately, while others explore longer before the AHA moment occurs. By planning experiential learning in mind, Tech Clubs offer students the freedom to explore and discover.

Tech Clubs can be designed as a before school or after school activity, depending on the availability of the students. Tech Matters can work with educators and administrators to coordinate Tech Club activity with their school curricula.

Visit our Case Study page to learn more about our work with Tech Clubs

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