Active Learning

Project Waves

Tech Matters projects provide experiential learning and problem-solving skills for students and teachers through collaborations with Universities, extracurricular club activities, and technology integration through Faculty Development.

Collaborations with Universities

Our most exciting and innovative programs provide local elementary and middle schools a valuable opportunity to collaborate with Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU). The Computer Game and Design programming students work with the elementary and middle school students to develop educational games based on state educational standards. Please visit the Collaborations page for more detail on these activities.

Extracurricular Club Activities

Addressing the need to start early, Tech Matters provides the programs for local area Tech Clubs. During the 2009-2010 school year, we worked with the Tech Club at Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (MCAA) where 3rd to 5th graders learned critical thinking and problem solving skills through computer programming.

Technology Integration and Faculty Enrichment

To help educators develop a comfort level with STEM subjects and to learn how to integrate Web 2.0 technologies into their educational process, Tech Matters plans to expand its faculty enrichment and training opportunities.

If you are interested in participating or contributing funding and or resources to promote and expand these activities please visit our Contact page.

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