Tech Matters joins a new collaborative network of partners working to support educators online, on demand, and in communities

CGI Collaborative Committment

In June 2015, Tech Matters joined the “160,000 Teachers served through Online, On Demand Network for Educators” Collaborative, featured at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America)

“The Collaborative’s goal is to serve 160,000 teachers, aides, paraprofessionals, specialists and administrators across the country. This would impact 3.84 million school-aged children at Title 1 schools.

We also strive to reduce the $2-3 Billion lost each year through teacher attrition. More training equals better retention.”

The Collaborative provides access, support, and efficacy research for simSchool, the online virtual classroom platform that provides a safe environment for teachers to accumulate critical classroom experience rapidly through virtual classroom experiences. Tech Matters provides support for implementing simSchool for teacher preparation, teacher induction, and professional development in teacher education preparation programs, and K-12 schools and school districts. View the Press Release and the Call To Action.

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