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simSchool - Effective Teachers make all the difference

simSchool – A cost effective, browser-based classroom/student simulation program available on all platforms 24/7.

Current and future teachers require increasingly complex knowledge, skills, and dispositions as they work with more diverse students requiring more differentiated instruction. Where can they go to get this experience to hone their craft?

Teacher education programs are pushed to provide more classroom field experiences just as mentor schools face their own pressures and time constraints. K-12 school systems and their teachers are put on notice, they are judged by their students’ test scores. Mentor teachers can ill afford to give up too much of their class time to teacher field experiences.

So where can teachers go to practice skills or develop new ones? In education preparation, it means more time in the classroom – practice, reflection, more practice. In professional development, it means workshops, which can’t reproduce the ethos of the classroom.

Classroom simulation programs, like simSchool, provide that much needed additional experience putting teaching theory into practice in a low risk environment.

How Are People Using simSchool?

simSchool provides meaningful classroom simulation experience for:

Pre-service teachers

  • As a “lab experience” aligned to course content providing instruction through synchronous and asynchronous activities.
  • As tool for exploring and enacting research models discussed during methods courses
  • As a supplement and direct substitute for physical field work
  • As a way to meet difficult-to-address requirements for field work (state and federal)


  • Providing new teachers, administrators, mentors, and education preparation programs a forum for dialog, data, and teacher development
  • Providing a low stakes environment for practicing teaching strategies

Professional Development

  • As an intervention tool for teachers at risk due to poor school evaluations
  • As a professional development tool for graduate assistants and adjuncts
  • As an intervention tool for teachers in praxis at risk due to poor school evaluations


  • As a research sandbox for PhD candidates
  • As a discussion and exploration environment for Masters-level students

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