Tech Matters joins a new collaborative network of partners working to support educators online, on demand, and in communities

CGI Collaborative Committment

In June 2015, Tech Matters joined the “160,000 Teachers served through Online, On Demand Network for Educators” Collaborative, featured at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America)

“The Collaborative’s goal is to serve 160,000 teachers, aides, paraprofessionals, specialists and administrators across the country. This would impact 3.84 million school-aged children at Title 1 schools.

We also strive to reduce the $2-3 Billion lost each year through teacher attrition. More training equals better retention.”

The Collaborative provides access, support, and efficacy research for simSchool, the online virtual classroom platform that provides a safe environment for teachers to accumulate critical classroom experience rapidly through virtual classroom experiences. Tech Matters provides support for implementing simSchool for teacher preparation, teacher induction, and professional development in teacher education preparation programs, and K-12 schools and school districts. View the Press Release and the Call To Action.

The Teaching Channel Shares Excellent Video on Understanding the Common Core

Common CoreSarah Brown Wessling, and English and Language Arts Teacher from Johnston, Iowa, does an excellent job with an overview of the new Common Core Standards in: Learning to Read the Core: A View from 30,000 feet, presented on the Teaching Channel website: The Video is 14 minutes long and first addresses the background of the Common Core, then Math Standards, followed by the English Language standards. Sarah is clear, concise, and succinct, keeping the viewer interested and leaving the viewer with a better understanding of the Common Core.

Studies on Research Universities and the Future of America

Research Universities and the Future of AmericaResearch Universities and the Future of America presents critically important strategies for ensuring that our nation’s research universities contribute strongly to America’s prosperity, security, and national goals. In this video, members of the study committee that authored this report discuss the importance of our research universities and their contributions to our economy and society. They conclude by discussing the challenges and opportunities they face at a time of fiscal stress and international competition.


The Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards LogoThe first public draft of the Next Generation Science Standards is available from May 11 to June 1. We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Visit The Next Generation Science Standards to learn more about the standards, how they were developed, and how they will be implemented.

Tech Matters Honored at Marietta Schools Foundation Award Gala

Tech Matters LLC recieve honor at the  Marietta City Schools Awards Gala

Tech Matters, LLC receive award at the Marietta City Schools Awards Gala

March 29, 2012. Robin Daniel and Marka Ormsby of Tech Matters, LLC, were honored Thursday night at The Marietta Schools Foundation, 2nd Annual Awards Gala Encore at The Strand in Marietta. Jennifer Hernandez, Principal of the Marietta City Magnet STEM school, Marietta Center for Advanced Academics, presented Marka and Robin with a plaque thanking them for their contributions to MCAA. Hernandez recognized Tech Matters’ efforts in helping MCAA provide a quality STEM education to their students, stating “Their focus on building critical and creative thinkers, problem solvers, and innovators has positively impacted the students, staff, and families at MCAA.” Citing Tech Matters’ facilitation of projects such as the SPSU Games For Learning Collaboration, the KSU On-Line-World of Learning, as well as their involvement in the MCAA Tech Club and assistance with the development of faculty Wikis, Ms Hernandez credited Tech Matters with being “instrumental in MCAA’s recent distinction – being named the first STEM certified school in the state of Georgia.”

Tech Matters Facilitates Elementary Student Visit to SPSU

Brumby Elementary 4th Grade Class Visits SPSU

Lazetta Hankerson's 4th Grade Class works with SPSU Game Design Students

Marka Ormsby and Robin Daniel of Tech Matters help Brumby Elementary inspire students in STEM education. Read more in the “Patch” article below:

The Patch Article

Computer Game Technology Used to Spot Leaking Pipes

The Engineer e-Magazine article
Researchers at Exeter University are using computer game technology and artificial intelligence to help predict floods and spot leaking pipes.  Yes, computer games and gaming are more valuable than it may appear to a casual observer.  Not only does gaming offer new and innovative ways to promote learning, but gaming technology also drives innovation in other areas.  Read More:

Engineering innovation in the US – Power generating shoes!

New US innovation captures power from shoesAn article appearing in the August 23, 2011 e-issue of The Engineer, a british publication, heralds an innovative development in the US of a new energy-harvesting technology that captures the energy of human motion to power portable electronics.  Imagine powering a local wi-fi hotspot wirelessly from your shoes. From charging batteries to powering low power electrical devices, this new technology uses the energy we produce just by walking, or standing and shifting our weight.  To read the article click here

National Research Council Releases A Framework for K–12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas

The National Academies of Science have released their much anticipated report that presents a new framework for K-12 Science Education


Marietta Schools Foundation Awards Gala

The Marietta Schools Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to support the students, faculty and administration of the Marietta City Schools, presented an Awards Gala at the Strand Theater in Marietta, GA, on Wedneday night, May 4th, 2011, to honor the 2011 Scholarship Winners and to recognize teachers, parents, and community supporters for “Making a Difference.”

Nancy Dodd, and Linda Hutchinson, Marietta Center for Advanced Academics (MCAA) STEM teachers were recognized for their pioneering STEM efforts at MCAA.  Nancy and Linda have been hired by Georgia’s Department of Education, as well as another school system to teach STEM education methodology.

Marka Ormsby and Robin Daniel of Tech Matters were recognized by Dr. Karen Smits, Principal of MCAA, for their dedicated efforts to establish the Games for Learning Collaboration and Ed-Tech Integration from 2008 to 2011.