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CGI Collaborative Committment

Tech Matters joins a new collaborative network of partners working to support educators online, on demand, and in communities

In June 2015, Tech Matters joined the "160,000 Teachers served through Online, On Demand Network for Educators" Collaborative, featured at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) “The Collaborative’s goal is to serve 160,000 teachers, aides, paraprofessionals, specialists and … [Read More...]

Common Core

The Teaching Channel Shares Excellent Video on Understanding the Common Core

Sarah Brown Wessling, and English and Language Arts Teacher from Johnston, Iowa, does an excellent job with an overview of the new Common Core Standards in: Learning to Read the Core: A View from 30,000 feet, presented on the Teaching Channel website: www.teachingchannel.org. The Video is 14 minutes … [Read More...]


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